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Alumni Policy

This life solution is specially designed for members of Old School Students Associations, who desire to insure their lives, the lives of their Spouses and two(2) Adult relations. 

The solution provides cover for Death, Critical Illness and Funeral Expenses.


  • 1. Upon the demise of a member of the association, a pre-agreed amount is paid out. The demise could be through natural or accidental circumstances.
  • 2. Critical Illness benefits will pay a lump sum cash payment if the member is diagnosed with one of the specific illnesses covered in the the policy.
  • 3. Funeral benefit,
  •     A lump sum pay out made to a member, if a covered relation (Spouse, Parent, In-Law) passes on, is also included.
  • 4. Permanent Disability – (TPD)
  •     When a member suffers the total loss of a limb, sight or hearing due to an accident or illness, the agreed sum assured will be paid. This benefit is  applicable to the member only.


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