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Personal Plans

Life Time Needs Plus Plan

The Lifetime Needs Plan is designed to provide the member with the means of contributing to an investment fund that can meet the members life needs such as child education, retirement etc. and in addition also provide a life cover which becomes payable to the beneficiary in the event of the demise of the Life Assured.

Enhanced Family Income Protection Plan

This product provides cover of an amount equal to the sum assured, upon the unfortunate event of death, critical illness or permanent disability during the term of the policy.

Funeral Finance Plan Unlimited

The policy provides immediate cash payout to cover funeral expenses of loved ones. The FFP Unlimited is a whole life funeral policy without all the limitations that a traditional Funeral policy has. The policy permits you to cover the people you care about without any maximum limit on age and has other unique features like the Life Swap, no lapse and premium discounts.

Educare Plus Plan

The policy is designed to provide benefit payments, which are intended to cover the education expenses of the policyholder’s child. The product is a term policy with both life cover and investment component.

Lady Care Plan

The Ladycare plan is an all-female-related term assurance product.

The product will offer cover for Death, Total Permanent Disability (TPR), Critical Illness (CI), Hospitalization, Maternity Complications, and other Female Related Illness.

Family Income Protection Plan

The Family Income Protection Plan aims to give you a regular benefit if you suffer illness or accidental injury leading to incapacity and a loss of earnings.

Your benefit can replace some of your lost earnings, or if you do not work, it can meet additional expenditure.

The policy pays a lump sum equal to the sum assured in the event that the policyholder dies or becomes permanently disabled.

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